Location: Chisinau (Republic of Moldova)

The total area: 238 m² / 2,561SqFt

The three-story house includes cellar level, first floor, and attic (that was remodeled for the full living space) now is being considered as a second floor.

The cellar level is divided into a single car garage and a wine storage with climate control system.

The first floor is a common area such as a vestibule, living/dining area, powder room, and kitchen that is hidden behind the decorative (fake) window. As soon as you enter the house you acknowledge how spacious the vestibule is due to the built-in closets. The living room is bright and opened to a ton of natural light. And as the cherry on top of the cake is a fireplace which provides the special cozy atmosphere during the whole year. By the living room, there is a staircase that brings you to the second floor. The living/dining room is one open space with achromatic colors only, divided with two identical pendant lamps that hang under the dining table. Same achromatic accents brought by the natural texture such as wood and brick. The kitchen is designed with the achromatic minimalist style. Also, it is well mixed with the combination of the different textures and materials such as glossy plastic yellow chairs, wooden cabinets and amazing handmade Greek tiles with the unique print.

The second floor is an attic, fully remodeled into the living loft. It consists of two bathrooms, two kids’ rooms and a master bedroom with a walk-in closet. Natural light comes from the skylights that are fixed on the pitched part of the roof. At first sight, all bedrooms have a totally different design, although they retain the same thematic line in terms of the concept of design. Rooms are designed in a contrast of the calm pastel colors of the walls, ceilings, and floors versus the bright colors of the furniture, light fixtures, and decor.

Due to the creativity and strategic design of the SD’s team, the whole interior of the house represents a homogeneous arrangement of elegance and style that meets all customers’ requirements of functionality with paramount features of it.