Location: Chisinau (Republic of Moldova)

The total area: 127 m2 / 1,367 SqFt

The apartment is located right in the center of the city. Therefore, you have a splendid panoramic view from each room. Contemporary style gives you the urban sensation of the modern city life nevertheless it is well blended with serenity and comfort that usually people have a lack of in a megacity. The main color chart is a peaceful achromatic pallet of natural shades and textures such as wood, glass with brown white and grey tone. The whole achromatic apartment design is diluted by green plants those that create a calm atmosphere and bring you in contact with a mother nature right in the heart of the “concrete city”.

The kitchen and the living room area are separated from each other by the rectangular custom-made planter box with a beautiful composition of succulent plants. The transition from one area to another is done by different flooring types.

More than four centuries ago Edward Coke declared a quote “a man’s home is his castle”. And Staver Design follows by the same dogma. At first sight, the master bedroom might look small and a bit conservative. However, taking all the costumers’ requirements into consideration, Staver Design creates a quiet, comfortable sleeping space with the intimate atmosphere that can be amplified by the blackout curtains. Curtains also separate the sleeping area from the office zone situated right under the window. The kids’ rooms are tastefully furnished in the way to be functional, developing and fun at the same time!