Location: Valencia (Spain)

The total area: 100 m2 / 1,076 SqFt

The design concept of this apartment is focused, primarily, on ergonomics and functionality, to provide the owners a practical living style, comfortable and avoiding routine difficulties. A limited square footage does not offer many design options. Therefore, all rooms are designed in Minimalist and Zen style and the only baby-girl bedroom designed in Romantic.

Kitchen, living room, dining room and vestibule form one space. Zone of the vestibule and kitchen is divided from the common area by the different type of floor. The dining room area is marked by an abstract light fixture as made of multiple black tinted glass-ball in dodecahedron shape. This pendant is an essential element of the design. The colors of the interior are calm and relaxing and some loveable decorations add an urban and contemporary feature.

Zen-style interior of the bedroom immerses an emphasis you on tranquility, harmony, and relaxation. To keep a subdued monastic atmosphere, the room is filled with earthy colors like beige, gray and off-white. Instead, the interior features a variety of textures to bring character to space, like wooden flooring that also covers the wall behind the bed, cotton blackout curtain, and puffy ruched duvet cover. Furniture is kept natural and simple and features clean lines without excess detail or ornamentation. Walls are kept simple with only one decorative piece – mirror strip.

Romantic style of the baby-girl bedroom brings you a soft, delicate and effortlessly beautiful feeling. Colors are subdued and muted and include shades like dusty pink, sky blue and creamy white. Lines on furniture are graceful and curvy to promote a romantic ambiance. The window dressed with a fabric shade in Roman Swag Style.

Is that easy, to achieve harmony in your home – just pick the right designer!